Moscow Metro (Subway) 8/26 - 9/6/2007

The Metro is lavishly decorated to illustrate Soviet "prosperity." It was also designed as a deep, bomb shelter in case of nuclear war.
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Elderhostelers entering a Moscow Metro (subway) station.
Metro station - interior at entrance.
Hammer and sickle in Metro lobby.
Statuary in a Metro station.
Metro stations are illuminated by fancy chandeliers and light fixtures on the walls.
Elderhostelers on the Metro.
Elderhostelers disembark.
Detail of pillar in Metro station.
Colorful diarama made of ceramic mosaic - common in Metro stations. Notice also the shiny marble floor.
Another view of a Metro station - the trains travel on tracks to the right and left of this hallway; passengers pass thru the portals to get to trains.