Yaroslavl — a Relatively prosperous City 8/26 - 9/6/2007

Last stop on the waterway from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Yaroslavl is a thriving city, celebrating its 1010th anniversary in 2007 — a prosperous city.
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Legend has it that a hero saved the city by killing a large bear with an ax, hence the symbol of the city seen here and on public buildings.
Monument in Yaroslavl. An image of the monument appears on the back of the 1000 ruble note.
The monument, and bear with an ax, are highlighted in the next slide.
Yaroslavl city park with beautiful topiary vase.
Girl going for a ride near the entrance to the city at the boat dock.
Wedding party in Yaroslavl city park.
Yaroslavl bridge over Volga River.
Close-up of sculpture on side of building in Yaroslavl