Bull Ring Museum — Bilbao 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Sign for Bilbao Bull Fighting Museum. It appears that the city council also meets here.
Out doors view of the Bilbao bull ring. The museum is under the bleachers. The entrance for bulls is in the center opposite side of the ring. To the right of that, along the rail, is a place for a toreador to take shelter.
Fountain and housing across the street from the Bilbao bull ring.
Closeup of the large shield behind which a toreador could dodge to avoid a bull's wrath.
Sculpture of toreador and bull fighting.
A remarkable poster which appears to relate to a cattle ranch where prize bulls are raised.
Detail of poster depicting high kicking Morris dancers.
Celtic peoples settled in the Asturias region — just to the west of Bilbao. Hence, we see bag pipes and dancing typical of Celtic areas.
Bulls get a lot of attention at the museum.
Bull in front of posters from past fights, etc.
A plaque relating to the cattle ranch of the Marques of Villagodio, 1911 — prize for best bull. It may be related to the bull in the next image.
A toreador leaps to give the winning thrust.
Butt, sometimes the bull wins!

Posters & More

Posters promoting and depicting bull fights at the Bilbao ring + other images.

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