Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao 09/20 - 10/14/2006

A Frank Gehry masterpiece, shrowded in titanium.
Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao — designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry.
Another view when dark clouds helped bring out the shininess of the metal skin of the museum.
Other views of the exterior of the museum.
A huge topiary cat stands at the main entrance to the Guggenheim.
A young man captures a picture of his girl friend in front of the topiary.
Looking down the street from the promenade of the museum.
A biker passes by the museum.
The green stip is the pathway for the tram passing the museum.
A pedal cabbie waits for passengers. He speaks Ingl─ôs & Euskera — English and Basque.
A ferry passes by on a channel near the museum.
A small helicopter outfitted with a camera was being used to take promotional photos of the museum while we were there.
Fueling up. The channel near the museum is in the background.
Helicopter tech.
Done fueling.
Taking off. One can see a curious tourist taking a picture to the left near the railing.


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