Around Cordoba 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Hotel, sights
Court yard at our hotel —
Plants and a fountain in the court yard.
Intricate, inlaid stone on drain from plaza into the central area of the plaza.
Statue of Sephardic philosopher, Maimonides, on the plaza in front of the Hotel Amistad Córdoba.
The hotel was on the Maimonides Plaza, located in the center of old Cordoba.
Pigeon potty training.
Tourists enjoying a horse and buggy ride. When we were looking for our hotel, I asked one of the drivers for instructions to the hotel. He pointed to a narrow street which one of us had already explored.
We ate and watched a flamingo show at the Bodega Guzman.
The car park under the hotel was reached by a narrow, steep ramp. Here is yours truly negotiating his way out.
Whew — out without a scratch.
Our hotel was approached via a very narrow street. One of went ahead on foot to find it.
This truck barely fits.
Hotel service truck.
Directions include to fast food joints.
Vehicles lines up along the curb.


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