End of the Earth / Sardiñeiro 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Fisterre & Sardiñeiro
Lighthouse at the end of the earth - Finisterre.
The west most point in Spain, this point on the Atlantic Ocean was thought to be the western edge of the earth! The lighthouse is an aid to navigating the storm tossed waters.
Looking out over the misty Atlantic at Finisterre.
View copied from a post card.
A nearby monument. Next image: closeup.
Cross of death.
A cross designating this as a place of death (morte) — due to Atlantic storms.
Leaving Finisterra, we saw these wind turbines off in the distance through the mist.
Many wind turbines and solar power farms are spread around Spain.
Returning from Finisterra, we came to the town of Sardiñeiro. They have a popular beach.
Along the way we saw these strange structures floating on the water.
They are aquatic farming structures.
A fisherman goes to tend his farm.
Fisherman's boats on the shore.
A market in town.
Beatrizt's Florist. Love the troll with a wheel barrow filled with plants.


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