Luarca 09/20 - 10/14/2006

A stop for lunch and scenic harbor.
Leaving Santiago, we proceeded to the northern coast of Spain, visiting a bag pipe museum / factory (!) in Betanzos. We stayed over night in Cangas with an ultimate destination of Picos de Europa. But first, a highlight of the trip was a stop in Luarca — next stop.
Scenic harbor of Luarca.
Luarca — scenic harbor; Cangas — sleep.
A building on a cliff overlooking the harbor.
Waves crashing on the rocks as a boat enters the harbor.
Lighthouse on cliff overlooking harbor.
Luarca beach with a lone bather. The little shacks are for changing clothes but we wonder if they were large enough to hang out in.
Many huts with waves crashing in the foreground.
Another view of the huts.
The obvious, a seabird.
Scenes from the town square. Very quiet, probably because of it being siesta time.
Yours truly in the town square.
Plaque in town square — the words confound Google translate.
A combination thermometer / barometer in the town square. The words at the top — Tepestad to Muyseo give the weather prediction from storm (tempest) to rain to variable weather to good to very dry. Obviously useful to a harbor town before modern methods of weather prediction came into use.
Spirits for sale.
House wares for sale.