La Mancha 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Don Quixote Country
After leaving the Rioja area, we drove many miles south, skirting the big city of Madrid, into the La Mancha area, outlined in black on the map. Then we went on to Cordoba — next sub album.
La Mancha - Description
La Mancha is known for it's wind mills, situated on a high hill overlooking the plain, and stories featuring Don Quixote.
Modern and ancient: jet contrail caught behind blade of wind mill.
A view from a window in a mill.
A wooden gear driven by the wind mill.
Huge parts of mill made of wood.
The approach to the mills.
Looking out over a nearby town.
Modern wind mills in the distance — generating electricity.
Grape vineyards in the vicinity of the wind mills with a dust cloud churned up by a truck.
Harvesting of grapes was in progress during out visit.
Parking lot near wind mills with a camper, termed a "caravan."
Donkey Yote
Driving in La Mancha, we saw this sign. My recollection is it's the symbol for a bodega (winery). Notice the anatomical correctness.
Some rocks and beauty near the mills.


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