Santiago de Compostela 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Destination for Pilgrims.
Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela
Info about the cathedral. See also Wikipedia.
Santiago is located in far, northwestern Spain.
A view of the huge, silver and gilt incense burner hanging from the ceiling of the cathedral. The pulpit is on the right.
Closer view of incense burner and pulpit.
A confessional in the cathedral. Notice the red signal over the door, letting petitioners know when to enter.
Latin over the door: He removes the sin of the world.
A poor gypsy beggar on the steps of the cathedral. When she thought I wasn't looking, she took a peak in my direction.
This fellow was playing his guitar near the cathedral.
A pediment of the cathedral.
A plaza near the cathedral.
People inside of this window caught our eye.
They were dancing so we went inside to see what was up.
We went inside: it was a senior center with seniors dancing and snacks available.
Proceeding around town, we saw this restaurant.
Fresh seafood, steaks, and wine on display in the restaurant's window.
A tank of crabs, I think.
Clock tower downtown.
A plaza with a fountain — see next image.
An ornate fountain.