Select Images 09/20 - 10/14/2006

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We flew over and back on a C5A transport.
Arcos — a scenic town on top of a hill near Rota. Our first stop.
Over looking the small town of Olla. Notice the terraces with what appear to be olive trees.
This fellow was playing his guitar near the cathedral.
Finisterra — Cross of death.
Model boat in sanctuary of church, Sardiñeiro — near Finisterre.
Scenic harbor of Luarca.
Picos de Europa.
View of plaza from our hotel window in Bilbao.
Tram arrives at a station in Bilbao. Notice the green grass tramway.
Sculpture of bull and toreador in the Bilbao bull fighting museum.
Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao — designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry.
Grapes, just harvested, on their way to the bodega (winery). Location: Estación, La Rioja, Spain.
The Rio Oja area. Wine, grapes, Frank Gehry hotel.
Tilting at wind mills in La Mancha — Don Quixote territory.
Driving in La Mancha, we saw this sign. My recollection is it's the symbol for a bodega (winery). Notice the anatomical correctness.
Cordoba Mosque Cathedral
Entrance to the Alcazar — original tower — Cordoba.
Statue of Sephardic philosopher, Maimonides, on the plaza in front of the Hotel Amistad Córdoba.
Guitar player in Cordoba.