Honoring the Ancestors

Presentation to the Ancestors On Friday night before the wedding, there was a private presentation of symbolic gifts and introduction of the bride and groom to the ancestors. Gifts arriving Distribution of gifts AlexNam2012 37 AlexNam2012 34
Proceeding towards the house AlexNam2012 53 AlexNam2012 59 AlexNam2012 77 AlexNam2012 78 Mrs. Vo Duy arranges flowers at the shrine for the ancestors. Pictures of the departed relatives appear.
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AlexNam2012 115 Nam's friend and professional photographer, Brent, takes some pictures. AlexNam2012 122 AlexNam2012 91 AlexNam2012 5 AlexNam2012 127
AlexNam2012 131 AlexNam2012 134 AlexNam2012 142 AlexNam2012 144 AlexNam2012 123 AlexNam2012 146
AlexNam2012 148 Pictuers of ancestors of the bride are to the left, of the groom to the right. AlexNam2012 16 AlexNam2012 160 AlexNam2012 162 AlexNam2012 163
DSC00305 AlexNam2012 166 AlexNam2012 7 After the presentation to the ancestors, family members retired to the rear of the Vo Duy's home. AlexNam2012 300 AlexNam2012 302
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