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An assemblage of favorite images from the wedding, reception, etc. Noyon Cathedral, location of the wedding ceremony. AN-128 AN-140 AN-143 AN-133
AN-113 AN-159 AN-166 AN-169 AN-186 AN-206
029 AN-210 DSC00351 AN-246 Getting ready for the wedding. AN-024
AN-026 AN-035 AN-073 AN-079 Reception AlexNam2012 313
AN-441 AN-290 cocktails.favs AlexNam2012 412 AN-460 AN-481
AN-535 DSC02863 DSC02865 DSC02910 AN-100 AlexNam2012 350
DSC02892 AlexNam2012 625 AN-581 AN-599 DSC02912 AlexNam2012 431
AlexNam2012 549 AlexNam2012 583 AN-577 DSC02880 DSC02861 AlexNam2012 478
AlexNam2012 576 Backyard bar-b-que at the home of Nam's parents the day after the wedding. DSC02921 Family members come on Friday evening, bearing symbolic gifts for the ceremony honoring ancestors and introducing the bride and groom to them. AlexNam2012 78 AlexNam2012 86
DSC02925 Mrs. Vo Duy presents jewelry to Alexandra — items passed down through generations to the first married daughter-in-law. AN-053 AlexNam2012 210 Seating at head table Before the wedding, there was extensive preparation, including preparation of seating charts for the wedding reception. Tables are named after locations in New York City, with "Williamsburg" being the head table. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is the home of the newly weds.