Reception - the Tables

AlexNam2012 425 Lists of guest were posted at the entrance to aid them in finding their tables. The Head Table was named the "Williamsburg" table. Immediate family and members of the wedding party were seated there. AN-260 Dinner Menu - next two slides show top and bottom halves for easier viewing. Menu — top half Menu — bottom half
Williamsburg Table. AlexNam2012 432 AlexNam2012 435 AlexNam2012 438 Food was elegantly presented. AlexNam2012 428
AlexNam2012 429 AlexNam2012 437 AlexNam2012 444 DSC02908 AN-304
AlexNam2012 446 AN-259 AN-265 AN-274 AN-275 AN-303
AlexNam2012 440  DSC1512