Route 66 - Oatman, AZ

Oatman Hotel, since 1902. On the way into town on Rt. 66 / Oatman Hwy., one passes Snob Hill Road. Me thinks that reverse snobbery is rampant in Oatman. Main drag, looking ~southwest. The area beyond Oatman is quite scenic as was the highway into town from Sitgreave's Pass. The story of Oatman. The flag to the left marks the location of the Oatman post office. If judged based on size, this post office would be closed as part of the downsizing / cost-cutting by the U.S. Postal Service. Let's hope it doesn't happen here: it's the only post office for MILES and we'd loose the postmark valued by tourists. This character asked a lady if she would like for him to take her picture. When she said "yes," he took her camera!
He was well armed and drinking heavily — A&W Root Beer. I think he's rolling a cigarette. Our rig is in the background. He's posing. Note the donkey ears in the center foreground. Tourist trap? Nah. (Burro food: $1.00 a bag.) 'Nuf said. The jackasses own the town. This one looks like he's goin' shoppin'.
Feeding time. Stores sell blocks of grasses to the tourists. The size of this jackass indicates she is close to giving birth. The local jackass population is quite large and they are protected. Betty likes the animals. However, the jackasses are not domestic / house pets. This guy was accosted by a jackass which grabbed his plastic bag with his teeth, going for food, ripping it. The tourist is recovering his recently purchased treasures. Our rig in front of Judy's Saloon. Note the small sign on the right — as if one would try to do such a thing!
The town is popular with motorcyclists. The roads in and out of town make for great biking.