Historic Route 66 This section of Rt. 66, in western Arizona, is a Back Country Highway under control of the Bureau of Land Management. The highway pass over Sitgreaves Pass. During the era of migration to California, prompted by the dust bowl period. it is said that drivers were so scared of this section of highway that they hired locals to drive their vehicles through the treacherous pass. We towed our Airstream over Sitgreave's Pass. Looking westward from Sitgreave's Pass, Rt. 66 begins its descent towards Oatman, AZ. Speed limit: 15 MPH. Driving down from Sitgreave's Pass: the road must be much improved from times past but there are still narrow, winding stretches of road. Further down the road lie active mines, en route to Oatman.
Looking back down Rt. 66 to the East, from whence we came. The narrowness of the kinky road is evident as is the desert beauty. Luckily, traffic was very light: I sometimes needed both sides of the road to drag the Airstream around the curves. Sign denoting mining claims. NOTICE: THERE ARE FIVE ACTIVE FEDERAL MINING CLAIMS IN THIS AREA ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROAD. DUE TO CHANGES IN THE MINING LAWS, EVERY ONE NEEDS TO GET A PERMIT TO BE ON THE CLAIMS. TO GET A PERMIT, SEE DON AT 9049 OATMAN RD. QUESTA MINES.