IMG 4432  --> The Sphinx viewed through the window of our bus en route from the Great Pyramids. IMG 0115  --> Closeup view of the  Great Sphinx of Giza . It has the body of a lion and head of a person. The date of building of the Great Sphinx is a mystery. Sphinxes were built in many countries for centuries preceding this one (see reference - click the link). IMG 4439  --> Sphinx with pyramid in the background. IMG 0118  --> Anter view of the Sphinx with a Great Pyramid in the background. Note also the much smaller, more primative pyramid to the right. IMG 4450  --> The nose and chin of the Sphinx is missing. Legend has it that it was blown off by canon fire by Napoleon's soldiers, a story that has been debunked. IMG 4454  --> A policeman "standing" guard near the entrance to the site of the Sphinx.
IMG 4453  --> Beautiful flowers on nearby tree. IMG 4449  --> School girls pose for a shot near the Sphinx. IMG 0116  --> One of our entourage takes a picture of the Sphinx. Stuffed, toy camels on display for sale.