San Salvador

IMG 2340  In San Salvador we stayed at a guest house, the Hotel Oasis. IMG 2341  Waiting for the bus to take us to Sta. Marta. IMG 2342 IMG 2343  A local moves firewood. IMG 2344  LIzzie, a COCODA leader. IMG 2345
IMG 2759  The neighborhood near our hotel. Look carefully and see razor wire on top of fences to keep out intruders. IMG 2743  Barbed wire and broken glass embedded in concrete on top of a fence. IMG 2746  US embassy with people waiting in line for entrance to do business. IMG 2747  Armed guard on patrol near the embassy. IMG 2751  A local hang out — note again the razor wire. IMG 2748
IMG 2749  Traffic in San Salvador. IMG 2750  Like other major cities around the world, the San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, has its traffic and shopping strip. IMG 2752  We went to a local pupusaria for dinner when we returned to San Salvador before leaving to return to the States. IMG 2744  Armed guard — that's a shot gun — in from of a local, 7 Eleven-like, store. We also saw a guard carrying a shot gun riding in the back of delivery truck delivering tanks of LP gas to homes. IMG 2773  Street scene.