Garganta La Ollo 09/20 - 10/14/2006

A scenic town in central / western Spain
Over looking the small town of Olla. Note the church tower in the center of town.
Leaving ROTA, we proceeded to Plascencia, where we stayed a couple of nights. Then, on to Santiago de la Compostela.
On the road to La Olla - twists and turns through the mountains.
Another view looking down on La Ollo with the church, top center.
Looking out over the country side near La Ollo.
Mountain side terraces.
Entrance to an old church.
Yours truly in the door way.
A saint inside the church. As I recall, the little "window" preserved a venerated "relic," possibly a bone from the saint. Notice the slit throat and blood dripping therefrom.
Posing amongst the beautiful, large trees in the church court yard.
Obviously a famous woman but who can remember her after many years? Not yours truly!

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