Driving Tour of Spain 09/20 - 10/14/2006

Three weeks in Spain — South to North and Back Again.
Getting there: we flew from Dover AFB, crossing the North Atlantic, to ROTA Naval Air Station, on the south coast, just west of Gibraltar.
While at ROTA, we took a day trip to Arcos de la Frontera, our first stop.
We travelled Space-A from Dover Airforce Base, Delaware, to Rota Naval Air Station, Spain.
Stairway to heaven? No: mobile boarding ramp — >40 steps to door into aircraft.
We flew aboard a C5A, a huge transport. The passenger area is in the top of the plane, above the cargo area — roughly delineated by the red line.
Insignia of ROTA Naval Sir Station
ROTA control tower behind a small, outdoor dining area.
Looking "back" in the passenger area, with seating for ~90 people. Note the fenced off area and the knotted rope. The fence is around a hole in the floor that leads down to the cargo deck. It keeps people from falling in.
Another knotted rope leading to a door. An airman, serving as a steward, confirmed my supposition that the knotted rope was to aid in case of emergency egress from the plane.
Water for passengers — self-serve right next to the egress cage.
We actually rode backwards, facing the rear of the aircraft. It's safer. Commercial aircraft have passengers facing forwards — they don't like to fly backwards. Didn't matter on this craft, which was largely devoid of windows.
Reading to kill time. C5As do not fly as fast as commercial jet liners so the flight was longer.
Catching some shut eye.
Galley and safety signs.
The rest toom was "fully stocked" with essentials.
Self portrait in the rest room mirror.


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